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Vedic Kavach FAQ

VEDIC KAVACH - EXALTED PLANETS VEDIC KAVACH available on this website only.

The Divine Grace in the form of Benefice Planetary Power Device(Empowering your weak planets) comes from India to shower its beneficial impacts on people world over to make life better & prosperous.

- To make life better & prosperous forever.
- The Devine Grace in the form of VEDIC KAVACH Amulet
- Legecy of Indian Vedic Astrology.
- HELPS to REDUCE/Remove Bad planets Impacts as per your birth chart
- The Vedic kavach/JYOTISH Pendent/Locket Luck is a most effective Strengthening
   /Harmonizing Astral remedy 

Vedic Kavach mostly made on a silver medallion/ Amulet/mystic pendent. 

There are 12 different Vedic Kavacha s, one for each Rising sign Lagna/Rashi from Aries to Pices . Each Vedic Kavach/ Jyotish Pendent is inscribed at an very rarely available auspicious time for the maximum benefits.

The Vedic Kavach is inscribed with the numerical representation (as per vedic literature) for all the benefic planets as per birth chart/Horoscope and is known to bring about even greater results then that of the Precious Gemstones like. 

The Vedic Kavach strengthens all the benefic planets in the LAGNA/RASHI/ chart . it adds a protective covering to ones life. It helps toward off afflictions (bad impacts) both in a birth chart and by transits/Gochra in day to day life & to provide max. benefic results of benefic planets.

The Vedic Kavach is aprox. 2" x1 or less in size and is worn around the neck on a thread/gold or silver chain in an other Auspicious Muhurta.

It is worn continuously for the maximum benefic effect.

In the natal birth chart, there can always be seen the potential for each individual based on position in favorable/unfavorable signs and/or favorable houses. Often some of these planets are hindered because of negative aspects from malefic planets or planets that cause afflictions or negative obstructions. Therefore, the benefic planets lose their strength & ability to function fully or act as positive as they could as per Rashi/Lagna.

When this occurs, the obstructions and difficulties that malefic planets bring influence the person's chart, blocking the full potential of the individual, hindering his/her fortune.

The destiny of each person is rarely achieved in their life due to the Interferences and obstructions that bind an individual (Health, jobs, family, children, earning, relationship, etc).

The natal chart of each individual always indicates the ultimate place and journey each person is meant to follow. Their purpose in their lifetime.

In vedic astrology, we see that these obstacles and distraction often are caused by weak and afflicting planets in a nativity, limiting the positive impacts of the benefic planets and therefore creating a blockage decreasing the planets strengths and potential. 

By enhancing & protecting these positive planets in the chart, the fruition of one's potential or destiny can be achieved.

The numbers engraved on the Vedic Kavach is based on ancient traditional vedic astrology and is known to bring about even greater results then that of the precious gemstones like.

The Vedic Kavach promotes all the benefic planets in the chart and protects these planets at the same time from the negative influences of the malefic planets. It is also cost efficient. It costs far less then a precious stone as for example the gemstone for the planet Saturn is Blue sapphire and this five carat gem can cost you up to six hundred USD or more & protect only one planet, but in less cost, Vedic Kavach strengthen/Harmonies your all benefic planets.

It gives the following benefits :
- Protects Health,
- Provide Financial Stability
- Remove sexual inability,
- Maintain status, provides professional success,
- Develops character & Leadership quality, 
- Success in studies,
- Examination, Improve memory,
- Gives timely marriage, 
- Prevent marital discord, 
- Success in relationships,
- Blesses with children/Male Child ,
- Removal of obstructions in life 
and ward of all Vastu Dosha, Black magic and many more.

Thousands of people are prosperous & living peaceful life after wearing Vedic Kavach/Jyotish Pendent.

Wear it continuously for getting the benefic results always. 

Cost of Silver Kavach INR 10000 / $ 240 

SPL.POWER SILVER Kavach INR 15000 / $ 320

Laminated card free with each order.

Cost of Spl. silver. USD 320 or INR 15000/-

(including postage charges) 



           Vedic Astrologer J K Sethi (Creator of Vedic Kavach)         
Mobile : +91 9810873426 
 Email : systemsastrology@gmail.com